January 25, 2019

Welcome to the first part of our new social media initiative; The Patient Journeys Series. The entire focus of this series is to showcase the personal accounts of CEMMS community members. To kick off the series is a post from Kathy Metzer , an NLP practitioner currentl...

December 31, 2018

This past Friday saw the CEMMS team head to Cape Town for the 18th International Congress for Endocrinology. Prof Tess saw to planning her own satellite symposium and invited renowned speakers from other continents to share the latest developments in the field. Their l...

December 31, 2018

During the 18th International Congress for Endocrinology the CEMMS Social Media Team had the privilege of taking an hour of Professor David Cummings’ time to discuss different topics under the umbrella of obesity and weight loss. To put it mildly, Dr Cummings is incred...

December 17, 2018

Professor Carel le Roux graduated from medical school in Pretoria South Africa,

completed his specialist training in metabolic medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospitals

and the Hammersmith Hospitals, his PhD at Imperial College London and was later

promoted to Reader. He mov...

November 20, 2018

In the following blog post we have curated, with the kind help of RSG's Mari Hudson, Prof Tess' 2018 radio broadcasts with RSG. Follow the link below and enjoy! 


November 4, 2018

The final entry for this series will focus on one of the most asked questions regarding post-surgery living that we encounter on a daily basis:

If you are at an extreme weight, you almost certainly will have loose skin to remove later

You embarked on this road to improv...