When do I qualify for bariatric surgery?

Patients without any clinical or psychological contra-indications

    •    Patients at a BMI above 40

    •    Patients at a BMI above 35 with co-morbid diseases where conventional treatment has failed

    •    Patients at a BMI >30 with poorly controlled diabetes mellitus

Private paying patients are considered from BMI 30

A Well Known Medical Aid pays for bariatric surgery for diabetics at a BMI 30 provided that they do not fall under any of the below exclusion criteria:

1. Known type 1 diabetes

2. Type 2 diabetes for longer than 10 years; on more than 200 units of long acting insulin

3. Documented past pancreatitis

4. Alcoholism

5. Recreational drug abuse

6. End stage disease of any nature with a poor prognosis

I want to know more about bariatric surgery. Where do I begin? 

CEMMS Waterfall City is partnered with SASSO's online platform. Prof Tess has specifically curated all the information you need to know. Visit them at

How am I assured a long-lasting relationship with the practice and not fly-by-night care? 

CEMMS Waterfall City is both nationally and internationally accredited with the mission of providing holistic care to the individual. The process is detailed, long and specific. To meet the team that will care for you click here

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