Bariatric (metabolic) surgery is a highly specialized field of obesity management. Other surgical and medical disciplines and practitioners are not always well informed with regards to this rapidly evolving field. Vitamin replacement is not a random act, but rather a carefully considered treatment modality, constructed in such a way that nutrients which are no longer being absorbed in the greater curvature of the stomach and first part of the duodenum, are replaced orally.


Furthermore, only particular types of calcium and iron are absorbed. Other preparations for example iron sulphate, is not. It is advised to take the supplements as prescribed by the treating Centre of Excellence endocrinologist / physician. Replacements should be taken consistently and without fail – it should not be considered as an optional extra. Micronutrient stores become progressively depleted, and only once the levels are dangerously low, will the patient start to experience feelings of sub-optimal performance. 

CEMMS Waterfall City has a specialized IV Clinic that aids patients in their vitamin replacements under Sr Karen Gibson.

Contact: Sr Karen Gibson


0113047973/ 0664282179

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