No More "Sitting Under The Beach Umbrella"

Martin-BPD Patient

Tell us a bit about your journey and what motivated you to finally get the surgery done.

Well, the motivation was that I got fat, and it takes a long time for a fat person to see themselves as fat. I was getting unhealthy so I finally made the decision to make changes. That was when I started the process with the team. I found out within that process that I was actually a lot sicker than I initially thought. I had developed type two diabetes and I finally made the decision to take it in hand. It was something that I was scared about for a long time and it’s a thing I’ve been thinking about for about ten years but I was always scared of the risks of it but I eventually reached a stage where I was comfortable with it. I came to Prof and went through the whole process with them (which is not the easiest process in the world, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment as well as self-understanding). After all of this, I did the op and it has been great.

How would you say it changed your life?

Everybody is different. I did not have prior self-confidence issues so that was not a factor but from a physical point of view the simple ability to do things with my kids and family as opposed to "sitting under the beach umbrella". From an exercise and physical activity point of view, everything is just better.

Would you recommend the surgery to others?

I would recommend it to anybody that can have it done. I would recommend it to them in a heartbeat. There is no reason to be fat if you can afford the op and are willing to go through the process.

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