The Dash Diet

We all know that diets that try to cut out food groups; or that try to sway from balanced eating usually ends in disaster. The United States News and World Report gave the crowning glory of "best diet" for the 8th consecutive year to the remarkably simple "Dash Diet" alongside its competitor "The Mediterranean Diet." Both of these diets were initially created to fight high blood pressure; but was given a standing ovation by the committee of specialists in the field of nutrition, specialist physicians, diabetologists and cardiologists. The decision was based on the diets' versatility, sustainability and promotion of good general health. Finally, the banting diet can sink once and for all (or how Prof Tess calls it the ban-tanic).

What is the Dash Diet?

For a non-active male the diet would work in the following manner.

- It consists of a 2000 calorie diet (Your dietician can adjust the age according to your age, fitness level and need for weight-loss)

- 6-8 portions of carbohydrates

- 4-5 portions of fruits and vegetables

- 2-3 portions of low-fat or fat-free dairy products

- 6 or less portions of low-fat meat (a portion of meat is 28g)

- Oil is advised to be less than 2-3 portions per week

- 4-5 portions of nuts and seeds per week

- 2300 mg of salt per day

- Refined sugars and carbohydrates are not advised

The Diet is not designed with just with weight-loss in mind; but rather to promote healthy living. Weight-loss will be an added benefit. Prof Tess states that it can also be a regulated (and quite delicious) post-operative diet for bariatric patients once they are mentally and physically ready which would normally be between 6 months and a year after surgery. The general public has no reason not to Dash in 2018.

Happy Dashing,

The CEMMS Waterfall City Team

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