Calcium Post-Surgery

I get frustrating feedback from the newly operated on patients about not being able to handle the calcium citrate (the calcium that comes in the sachet).

Now, let us go one step back.

The calcium carbonate that we have included in the vitamin pack is more of a carrier molecule and releases very little active calcium. We, therefore, have to find a way for our patients to cope with the citrate. If you are battling in the beginning, swap around your iron replacement and your calcium replacement.

In other words; in the morning you would take your multivitamin with the calcium carbonate as that also carries a lot of the added minerals and trace elements that are essential. Following this, you would take your iron at midday and the take the calcium citrate just before you go to bed.

Another tip is to put it in ice cold water with a couple of ice blocks and just down it in one or two swallows.

Prof Tess

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