Bariatric Surgery: Why Psychiatry?

The role of a psychiatrist in a bariatric surgery team is much more important than most people initially understand it to be. In the medium to long term, the decisions made by the individual patient will affect the results of surgery much more than any other factor during or after the surgery. For this reason, the emotional condition of the patient is of utmost importance, as our emotions affect our decisions directly. Great results in bariatric surgery have been found to be directly related to the patient being in the best possible condition both physically and emotionally on the day of surgery and onwards. Patients with a significantly high BMI are all referred to psychiatry as the challenges to be faced by them are more extreme. Anyone presenting with anxiety or depression, or any other condition, as well as any patient who is currently taking psychiatric medication, needs to be seen by the psychiatrist as some absorption rates of certain medications may be affected by the change in the intestine as a result of the surgery.

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