Drinking and Dementia

It has recently been reported in medical journalistic circles that what many doctors have suspected might be the truth. Excessive drinking is related to the onslaught of dementia.

Dementia can be aligned to the advance of dementia in patients, especially in its early stages. The acclaimed medical journal, The Lancet, produced a study that focused on a patient group of 31 million over the period of 5 years.

Out of the 3.1 million people, 1,1 million were found with the disease and a further 60 000 were diagnosed with it early (which is before the age of 65). There is a circulating misconception that dementia is perhaps "natural" and "part of the aging process." This is a falsehood as it is not natural to the human body and is classified as a disease that spreads over a multitude of symptoms.

Through consuming excessive alcohol, a person's chances of contracting the disease (in all its forms) have been found to increase by 3 times. It is even being speculated, but not substantiated as of yet, that the risks of alcohol on the human brain are far worse than what scientists have believed before.

Rather be stingy than sorry.

The Waterfall City Team

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