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Any surgery can be daunting. No amount of reassurance from professionals and statistics of success may be able to change that. However, bariatric surgery is more than just an operation; it’s a transformation, a new lease on life.

Nobody really wants health complications and the rapidly deteriorating quality of life associated with a large BMI. The benefits of bariatric surgery are numerous. Chief among them, the fact that results are evident comparatively quickly and, with regards to the CEMMS team, a suite of highly qualified professionals are able to offer further advice and assistance. There’s a misconception that the surgery is an easy way out- some kind of instant weight loss cheat code. That is simply not true. A variety of criteria must be assessed before the surgery is recommended by a professional, such as the severity of one’s BMI and any prior treatment sought to address said BMI.

Furthermore, any successful weight loss surgery requires effort on the part of the patient in the form of adherence to specialised diets before and after the surgery. It must be noted that such a surgery constitutes the same lifestyle change any weight loss program advocates. The benefits of the surgical option include a substantial improvement to health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and sleep apnoea syndrome.

The CEMMS team is supremely proud of all their patients who undergo the surgery and experience a drastic change in their quality of life, insisting on establishing a constant channel of communication with the patient as they begin to truly start living their best possible life. If you feel like you need to make a change in your life and that you deserve more of what life has to offer you, then you do – and you can.

Here are some of the patients that have consented to have us show you their results. We are extremely proud of their determination and positive attitudes.

A new lease on life:

Half the person, double the confidence:

Cloud nine:

Before the surgery:


If you are a CEMMS patient and you want to share your story- or you want to inspire others to pursue bariatric surgery; please contact us.

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