The Importance of Research at CEMMS

One of the most important health care investments our country can make is in medical research that has up to now had an immeasurable impact on our lives by enhancing quality of life, lengthening life, reducing the burden of illness and disability and most importantly saving lives. Our ability to do so for the benefit of patients and their loved ones is contingent on the compassion and willingness of the public to participate in research studies.

CEMMS with their multidisciplinary team, is a world class facility, offering cutting edge medical care to their patients. Keeping CEMMS on the forefront of medical care in metabolic surgery is the continuous involvement in research, accessing and improving patient care and clinic outcomes. Without saying, the involvement and compliancy of CEMMS patients are of utmost importance to ensure good research methodology and acquire a true research conclusion that will benefit future patient health care.

Currently CEMMS has embarked on various research studies which involves pharmacoeconomics, basic research in identifying disease development as well as physiological relations between various obese related co-morbidities. We hope to shed light on the myth of costs involved in the up-keep post-surgical health status of patients receiving a biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch surgery compared to a Roux-en-Y surgery. We also hope to establish the interrelationship between type 2 diabetes, depression and obstructive sleep apnea and the remission rates of these diseases after bariatric surgery.

It is time to stop and reflect on what it took to get to this point in medical care and how we can restructure and reframe our thoughts around our contribution to medical research that is fundamentally critical to improve all aspects of living worldwide. So, watch this space for an update on our most exhilarating research outcomes improving not just quality of life for our patients and loved ones, but also contributing to science which will improve clinical and medical care for bariatric patients worldwide.

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