What to expect from your surgery: Week 9

Welcome back to another week of the "What to expect from your surgery" 12 week blog series. As we near the end of the series we would like to share a slightly more somber expectation of surgery:

You will have to exercise restraint

This is true in the beginning when the pouch is still swollen, but even more so when you reach goal weight. It is a misnomer to think that you can ‘stretch’ the pouch. In the beginning the pouch has a smaller volume as it is swollen from the surgery. Gradually it settles down to the required size over three months at which time you should be able to consume a small plate of the correct food four times a day. It is during this time that you are required to watch your protein intake carefully and to go through the various stages of liquid and soft diets. Very few patients will not be able to cope with this period of dietry adjustment if they haven’t been counselled correctly. If you overeat beyond this point, you are ignoring your body’s satiety signals. The food will either be stored back up the esophagus, or the outlet stapling will be stretched.

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