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This past Friday saw the CEMMS team head to Cape Town for the 18th International Congress for Endocrinology. Prof Tess saw to planning her own satellite symposium and invited renowned speakers from other continents to share the latest developments in the field. Their lectures on surgery and diabetes intrigued and enlightened the audience which had assembled from across South Africa and included medical practitioners from a plethora of local hospitals.

The symposium set out to liason the developments in endocrinology from across the globe and this showed through in spades from the participation of our own Prof Tess and Dr Gary Fetter. DIabetes and obesity are chronic diseases which require the cooperation of world-class medical practitioners to treat efficiently. Moreover, the lectures at the congress highlighted that discoveries in the field are very much on the bleeding edge of medical technological advancement. Whatsmore, the symposium never lost sight of its goal - helping to treat patients. The knowledge imparted during the symposium will undoubtedly be of great value in the everyday treatment of these aft-mentioned chronic diseases.

Ultimately, the success of the congress has inspired the team to continue their perennial diligence - there is a world world of experts out there and South Africa will not be content with observing from the sidelines.

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