Exciting Announcement

It is with great pride that CEMMS Waterfall City can make the following announcement that will with no doubt change many lives in the future.

After extensive negotiation, Prof Tess has made an enormous breakthrough with a leading medical aid provider. The before mentioned organization will now be paying for diabetics to have bariatric surgery from BMI 30 and above. Prior to this, only patients from a BMI 35 were considered.

However, please note the following exclusion criteria for diabetics BMI 30-35:

1. Known Type 1 diabetes

2. Type 2 diabetes that has persisted for loner than 10 years ; on more than 200 units of long acting insulin for more than 10 years.

3. Documented past pancreatitis

4. Alcoholism

5. Recreational drug use

6. End stage disease of any nature with a poor prognosis

We would like to thank Prof for her extensive input in order to make this advance possible for yet another demographic.

The CEMMS Waterfall City Team

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