At CEMMS Waterfall City we are very proud of all of our success stories. If you are a CEMMS patient willing to share your story with others please feel free to contact us.  

Patient's Testimonies

Testimonials from some of our patients – well done, we are so immensely proud of you!


One of our dieticians, Nicola Drabble was totally surprised when one of our patients competed with her at the Durban Half Iron Man in June - he has lost 54kg and his wife said no one can believe he is actually doing exercise! 

Age: 36

Weight before surgery in 2015: 158.8

BMI before surgery: 42.6


We got a photo from one of our female patients at the top of Mt Kilimanjaro! She has also run a marathon and has walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Age: 50

Weight before surgery in 2014: 138.8

BMI before surgery: 43.4


One of our male patients also did the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Age: 51

Weight before surgery in 2014: 121

BMI before surgery: 38.4


A male patient cycled from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburgh and then he participated in the Amashova (PMB-Durban) - The first time he ever saw us he needed to stop for breath 3 times!

Age: 36

Weight before surgery in 2012: 152.7

BMI before surgery: 49.3


Nicola also saw another female patient at the Magalies Monster MTB race- it is one of the toughest in Johannesburg and she is doing the Berg and Bush 3 day stage race in October. 

Age: 36

Weight before surgery in December 2014: 142.8


One of our male patients did a 4 day stage race for Charity in September 2016

Age: 47

Weight before surgery in September 2015: 177.9

BMI before surgery: 56.1


A male patient is in New York pursuing an acting career.

Age: 28

Weight before surgery: 88.8

BMI before surgery: 35.6


A female patient decided to do bungy jumping and sky diving with her boys - weight limit of 100kg! As you will see she would never qualified before the surgery!

Age: 38

Weight before surgery in October 2013: 160.8

BMI before surgery: 53.7


One of our female patients has become a professional body builder.

Age: 35

Weight before surgery in Sept 2011: 123.6

BMI before surgery: 43.8


We have several families who are doing very well, both individually and as a team. One of our male patients has been seen participating in many trial runs around Johannesburg.

Age: 62

Weight before surgery in Feb 2014: 152.8

BMI before surgery: 45.6

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